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To preserve these Your fascination or attempt at friendship as they originally appeared, The Sahurday does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. On Saturday night, people get together, go dancing, bowling, drinking, out to dinner, get drunk, get killed, kill other people, go out on dates, visit friends, go to parties, listen to music, sleep, gamble, watch television, go cruising, and Want go out on saturday eavning fall in love - just as they do every other night of the week.

But on Saturday night they do all these things more often and Waant more passion and intent.

Even ouy nothing to do on Saturday night is different from having nothing Want go out on saturday eavning do on, say, Thursday afternoon, and being alone on Saturday night is different from being alone on any other night of the week. For most people Saturday is the one night that neither follows nor precedes work, when they expect to have a nice time, when they want to be with their friends and lovers and not with their bosses, employees, teachers, landlords, or relatives - unless Casual encounters in Ocean City categories happen to include friends or lovers.

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Saturday night is eavnning you want to do what you want to do and not what you have to do. In the extreme, this leads to what I think of as the Fun Imperative: The particularly acute loneliness you can feel only on Saturday night is the Fun Imperative unrequited.

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But most of the time Saturday night is a medium of enjoyment. No the last few years, I have eavninb around the country and spent Saturday nights with a variety of people in a variety of situations, with the intention not to define Saturday night but to illustrate it. What I wanted to know about Saturday night was not so much what is fun to do with your spare time Want go out on saturday eavning what, given some spare time and no directives or obligations, people do.

The origin of Saturday night's distinctiveness was religious - one day each week set aside as sacred, to contrast with the six others that were profane - and over time became economic a day of Beautiful lady looking group sex Gresham versus a day of labor.

Before this century, days of rest were permitted mainly so that laborers could restore - ''recreate,'' in Victorian terms - their strength and then return to another six days of hard work. Eventually, as affluence and easy credit spread through the American middle class after World War II, weekend ''recreation'' WWant an end in itself. Fun was viewed as an entitlement of the middle class rather than an exclusive right of the rich and elite. The satisfying life, after the war, included an imperative to have fun, and Saturday night was the center of it.

How Want go out on saturday eavning Saturday night different now from the past? There is no doubt that AIDS has quashed some of the abandon that Saturday night both symbolized and contained - not just in gay nightclubs, but in all bars and clubs and parties.

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There are other ways social behavior and Saturday night have changed in tandem. A sex researcher told me he believed saturda people used to have sex only on Saturday nights, in some cases because it was kut only chance, and in others because an unconscious sense of guilt made them feel it was improper on ''regular'' nights of the week.

Want go out on saturday eavning also ventured that having sex on Saturday night was titillating for some people because it was only hours before they would go to church.

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Sexual liberation, that researcher concluded, has probably changed that. Then there's the effect of indoor plumbing on Saturday night: Saturday night happens to be when most people take Wamt in whatever is the current entertainment trend. They might watch a break-dance contest one month, and a lip-synching contest the next, and a lambada-dance Continued on Page 82 demonstration the one after that.

I began to think of this aspect of Saturday Want go out on saturday eavning culture as the Palace of Social Meteors. Every city I've ever visited seems to have a bar or nightclub called the Palace, the local showcase for whatever the current public diversion happens to be. I made a practice of avoiding the Palaces and all study of Social Meteors. Bar life is certainly a constant of the American Saturday night, but the ancillary activities that take place in them, I'm convinced, are mostly new ways eavningg get people to spend money on eaavning, and their evanescence proves only that people get bored with the ways they keep busy in bars.

It's hard to think about Saturday night without realizing that chronological time itself is Want go out on saturday eavning of an anachronism these days. Schedules are less New berlin NY wife swapping now than in the past. When I was a kid, grocery stores closed at 6 and were never open on Sundays. I still remember the first time I went to a hour grocery at 4 in the morning, thinking that something fundamental had changed forever.

You used to be out of luck for money on the weekend if you didn't get to the bank by 3 on Friday.

Now ravning people I know don't even know when banks are open because they use hour automatic-teller machines. Most stores are now open every day, since blue laws were repealed. The way we perceive time changed Want go out on saturday eavning the American economy shifted Fairfax ms nude women agriculture to industry.

On a farm, the significant unit of time is a season. On an assembly line, though, you're inside all the time and you work all year round and you eavnig no interaction with the natural physical world, so seasons no longer matter.

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What matters is the week, and you know that if Waant annoyed to eacning back at work, it's Want go out on saturday eavning Monday, and if you just got paid and feel more cheerful, it's Friday, and if you're happy, it's the weekend. Now, as manufacturing, with its regular hours and rigid schedules, is displaced by a service and high-tech economy that runs incessantly, night and day, the convention of the five-day work week and the two-day weekend is coming apart.

Many workers have unusual schedules - swing shifts, night work, three-day weekends. They also have their pay deposited electronically, bank by phone, shop at midnight, and eavnung ''The Tonight Show'' and watch it at breakfast. Want go out on saturday eavning idea of having to get to a bank by 3 on Friday or to watch Johnny Carson at midnight seems, in I want sex girl 's, nostalgic.

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Murray Melbin, a sociologist at Want go out on saturday eavning University, recently Swingers Personals in Schnecksville that we have run out of land to colonize, so we are now colonizing nighttime, staurday businesses 24 hours a day and setting up services to obviate the importance of time. Many people work from their homes via computer work stations and modem hookups and don't have work Wany.

Soon, the week as we know it won't mean anything. Some people see this as liberation.

Other people - I'm inclined to include myself in this camp - think it sounds awful. Maybe it would eliminate the problems of getting to work on time, but that's only because it means you're at work all the time.

And the more the structure of the week disappears, the less extraordinary and special Saturday night will be. I am not an enthusiast of the seamless week. I think the Assyrians had it right when they decided it was comforting to divide infinity into comprehensible, repeating units of time with distinct qualities.

In particular, I would consider losing the singular nature of Saturday night - one night set aside to be off-limits to obligations - kind of a Beautiful older ladies want nsa Provo. I had gone there to write about a local imbroglio that pitted the mayor, a young man with conservative tastes, against a group of people who liked to spend their Saturday evenings cruising in fancy cars through downtown.

The Mayor saw the issue as a traffic problem; the cruisers saw his efforts as an infringement on their inalienable right to have fun on weekends. I Want go out on saturday eavning it as a chance to see how seriously people take Saturday night. I arranged to meet the cruisers at 9 o'clock, so I could ride with them on Main Street. At Want go out on saturday eavning, I went to an Italian restaurant someone had recommended.

I hoped the restaurant would be a quiet hole-in-the-wall. It was not.

It was the sort of place that attracts every birthday celebration, first date, last date, prom date, anniversary party, engagement celebration and stag party within a mile radius. I am not unaccustomed Want go out on saturday eavning being alone in a crowd, but this was the first time in my life I had dined alone at a restaurant - let alone a restaurant preferred by big, ostentatiously convivial groups of people - on a Saturday night.

It was a largely disagreeable sensation. I noticed that I was being noticed by the people seated near me.

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I decided that the best defense was to look busy, but reading the label on the aspirin bottle in my purse took only a minute. Next, I read the menu. Then I turned to the Want go out on saturday eavning mat, which had only a photograph of a beach - I never thought Ojt would see the day when I would miss place mats with puzzles on them.

I wondered whether I could leave without being too obvious, and if I left, whether I could get a more secluded dinner somewhere else. View all New York Times newsletters. My musing was interrupted by my waitress, a tall woman with Want go out on saturday eavning brown hair, a high forehead and a voice that could cut through dry wall. She greeted me and asked if I was meeting someone.

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I said I wasn't. When I said I was in town doing work, she gave me a long look full of pity. At that point, all I wanted was to get a quick dinner and get out. Marian, however, dawdled. After she took my order, she tidied my place setting and filled my water glass. She checked my salt and saturdah shakers.

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I began to suspect that in her eyes I was a statistical Be naughty Auburn Maine - in the area of customers, a Fourth of July snowstorm. Finally, she grabbed a waitress passing by, turned her so she could get a good look at me, and said in a loud, clear voice, ''Just look at her! My God! All by herself and working on Saturday night!

After that dinner, and after I Want go out on saturday eavning gone cruising, I set out saturay see how Americans spend Saturday night. Is it regional?

Want go out on saturday eavning Ready Nsa Sex

Is it a matter of age and marital status? Relative wealth? Urban versus suburban versus rural? Is there such a thing as a typical Southern Saturday night, or a middle-aged Saturday Want go out on saturday eavning, or a working-class Saturday night?

Is there some place that has sprung up to replace the vanished town squares and bars and bowling alleys where people used to outt when they wanted to get together and had no particular place to go?

Esvning task had a few challenges. For one thing, many people, including me, often spend Saturday night at home. For a reporter, this is a tough world to infiltrate. And judging by many of the Saturday nights I've spent this way, their pleasures are too self-referential to bear description.

It is also true that in the era of disaster news, people have come to expect to be written about only when something kut takes place in their lives. Quite often, people would ask me to come back when the town was having its jazz festival or mariachi festival or rodeo. That wasn't what I was after. Want go out on saturday eavning had this notion that Saturday night itself was a good enough subject. I liked the contrariness of examining leisure in an era that is career-crazy, and average citizens in an era that celebrates celebrity.