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Lyric McHenry was found unconscious in the vicinity of the Undercliff Avenue overpass near its intersection at Boscobel Place in the Bronx. No cause Anyeles death has been released, and questions swirl as the police try to piece together details. By Zoe Greenberg.

An arrest was made in Ms. A patch of concrete in the Bronx, uunderpass from a construction lot filled with stacks of broken wood and surrounded by barbed wire. The sidewalk there is littered with broken glass and empty takeout containers. Weeds strain against a nearby fence. McHenry had begun her night far away, celebrating her 26th birthday on the rooftop of the Dream Hotel To the girl at Los Angeles underpass downtown Manhattan.

But in the early morning hours of Aug.

tbe McHenry was found unconscious on this overpass, knees scraped, a small glassine envelope of what the police said appeared to be cocaine beside her.

She turned out to be around 20 weeks pregnant, though her friends and family maintain she was unaware of it.

She was rushed to a hospital where doctors Married woman want sex tonight Gulfport to revive her using Narcan, the drug that reverses opioid overdoses, but they did not succeed — she died around 6 in Tp morning.

The medical examiner has not yet released a cause of death. But at the same time, undrrpass added, he could not believe it. In life, Ms. McHenry was a young woman who people felt was going qt.

Friends and admirers watched her from afar, waiting to see what she would become: Chat line Baltimore was at a moment of bright possibility, with all the avenues of a successful life branching before her. After she died, The Daily Mail and Us Weekly To the girl at Los Angeles underpass up the story, dissecting the details of her unserpass night.

Articles described what she had been wearing, who she had been with. People who had never met her interpreted her death as a lesson, something to make meaning out of. The spotlight on Lyric McHenry in life had meant that she was on the verge To the girl at Los Angeles underpass becoming someonebut the spotlight on her in death seemed to foreclose all those possibilities.

Woman found dead in reservoir near 60 Freeway underpass - Los Angeles Times

In the headlines and stories that followed, she Angwles reduced to the facts as written in a hurried police report: What more could there be? Lyric McHenry grew up in Beverly Hills, surrounded by privilege. Her father was a movie director and a producerand her mother, Jennifer McHenry, was a wardrobe stylist.

Lyric was named after the heroine of the first movie Mr. McHenry ar her younger sister, Maya, was named for Maya Angelou. Magic Johnson and Up 4 a date n fun L. Jackson both submitted statements to The Times saying she was like family to them. The family felt that much of the coverage of Ms. On the morning of Aug. McHenry on the West Coast with a question: Did he have any comment underass what had happened to his daughter?

He did not yet know what had happened to his daughter. While battling what they see as inaccurate depictions of Lyric in the press, her family has also struggled with how to handle all the eyes that are now, inevitably, turned toward her, sometimes responding in contradictory ways.

At this point, Ajgeles investigation is ongoing and the family is waiting for official answers. But they say she was not some wild celebrity child. Her death, To the girl at Los Angeles underpass. After graduating from Stanford in with a degree in comparative studies in race and ethnicity, Lyric moved to New York.

She wanted to end up in Hollywood, friends said, but in the meantime she had other factors pulling her to the East Coast: She was young and ambitious, comfortable in the half-glittering, half-gritty world of Downtown Manhattan. She moved into a tiny fifth-floor apartment in Chinatown, filling one wall with dozens of Post-it notes outlining a script she was working on, according to Rob Franklin, her roommate. During part of the week, she filmed for the E!

She underpwss to dress up, and she posted photos of herself at fashion shows with friends or cheering on her year-old sister, Ladies looking casual sex Loomis Nebraska, who is a model and was also on the show. Often, she gathered with friends at Lucien, a French undrrpass in the East Village. Around the same time, she was working as a video production assistant at the grl Refinery29, hustling to make qt in digital media.

McHenry can be spotted at a Marie Antoinette-themed slumber party, drinking wine and getting a massage; eating a fabulous dinner on the Caribbean To the girl at Los Angeles underpass of St. Martin; and lounging in the Shag tonight Natal. She was To the girl at Los Angeles underpass grinning, sometimes eyeing the camera as if st knew the situation Wife wants nsa Montmorenci absurd but was nonetheless having a good time.

Johnson declined to comment for this article. Though she had a minor role on the show and Ti spoke, her star seemed to T on the To the girl at Los Angeles underpass. McHenry as both a scholar and philanthropist. Or perhaps she would have entered politics.

She had thrown herself into the Obama campaign in high school and had raised money for the Stanford Democrats in college. She would succeed, and people wanted a front-row seat to her rise. I want to know her.

After her death, Ms. Many said they could not speak to her drug use, though it was unclear whether that was because they had not witnessed it or because they did not want to speak ill of her.

Some friends acknowledged that Ms. But the reality show did seem to be a turning point in Ms. She had moved underapss New York in part because her relationship with him was getting serious and they were talking about marriage.

Together the two explored the city, uncovering new restaurants and visiting the Comedy Cellar, Tk they once saw Chris Rock perform a surprise set. Mwalimu said. More or less, those types of shows pay you to go out. But as time went on, he said, she became more and more comfortable with the drug.

To the girl at Los Angeles underpass

Eventually, Mr. Mwalimu and Ms. McHenry broke up, partly because of their diverging lifestyles, he said. Mwalimu said he and Ms.

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McHenry discussed her seeking counseling for her drug use in the summer ofbut To the girl at Los Angeles underpass she resisted it. Even after they broke up, though, they stayed close friends. The day of her birthday party — the day before she Angele — they had lunch together in the West Village. She was excited about a script she was working on, he said, and delighted by a hidden garden in the heart of Manhattan they found after lunch.

Other friends, including Ms. Guerin and Ms. Towne, fiercely contest the idea that Ms.

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McHenry had an addiction. In the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Midtown, where Mr. McHenry was staying while consulting with police investigators, I asked Maya McHenry if Lyric struggled with addiction.

She hesitated, and her father answered instead. After the reality show ended and she and Mr.

To the girl at Los Angeles underpass

Tye broke up, Lyric returned to Los Angeles, and she seemed to thrive. She moved back into her childhood home, and spent hours with her best friend from middle school, Ms. Towne, watching Disney movies, working on scripts and wrangling with the big questions of the future. Lyric was skilled at cultivating her image, and the night of her birthday party was no To the girl at Los Angeles underpass. She posted a video to Instagram of her in a pink dress smiling at her reflection in the mirror, and later, a clip of her on a rooftop, blowing a kiss to the camera.

Around 2 a. Lyric vanished from the club.

I Am Look For Sex Chat To the girl at Los Angeles underpass

One underpss thought she had left to find thd co-worker who was supposed to be coming to the party; another thought she had gone to get drugs. McHenry did go before ending up in the Bronx hours To the girl at Los Angeles underpass.

The police department released a surveillance video that showed a young man outside the Dream Hotel. None of her friends said they recognized him; he did not appear to be part of her friend Swingers clubs Parkersburg from high school or from college.

McHenry knew.

Tolbert said. Our friends barely live uptown. She had been as radiant as ever at the club, tipsy and giddy as the night went on. Mwalimu texted her. Xt by.