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San Diego sucking and alot of I Am Want Men

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San Diego sucking and alot of

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Jul 28, Messages: The only thing bad about San Diego is the cost of living. The weather can be boringly perfect year round. Apr 25, Messages: Been there twice. Loved it each time.

Feb 16, Messages: In San Diego, people actually go outside San Diego sucking and alot of August, so BamBam Contributing Member.

Nov 3, Messages: Jun 24, Messages: Jun 30, Messages: May 20, Messages: OP, you were able to eat at all the Mexican restaurants, drive on most of the streets of SD and was able to determine homeless density in just one weekend? You are like superman! No Worries likes this. May 9, Messages: I visited him 3 times last year and once so far this year and each and every time I try to love the place. I've never felt this way about any place else - there is just something so intrinsically wrong with this place - the people, the cold nasty beaches, the cold dirty pacific etc Another misconception about San Diego is Woman want sex Dupree weather — that its always so great.

Totally NOT true I totally felt insecure and awkward walking around - which is terrible and so not like NYC. NYC is such a walking city and it's great to be able to do it without any odd feelings. Another thing are all the surfer bro dudes San Diego sucking and alot of totally gross and annoying - it's incomprehendable how brain dead these idiots are - and totally not friendly no one really is there.

I will play the devil's advocate to - some pros I found in SD ironically enough is their public transit stem MTSI've Dieyo some good experiences taking the buses and even sucikng ones taking the trolleys.

But watch out for the entire white trash bum homeless surf rat population majority are white with long hair leather skin, stinking like alcohol past their 40s. There are also whole streets in downtown that are "tent cities" housing thousands of homeless people - never seen anything like it Columbia South Carolina couple swingers my life.

I was overly cruel regarding the beaches - they are not ugly by any way shape or form The only city worse then this that I lived in for a short time was Orlando. To be honest, your reasons for hating San Diego seem petty.

A lack a of waterless urinals? If this is amongst your greatest tribulations living there, man, I would say your life sounds pretty damn good.

MusingInMyContemplation: 10 reasons i hate san diego

I grew up in Philadelphia. Trust me, SD ain't got nothing on us. Wlot a year living out here and I guarantee, you would kiss the ground the moment you came back to San Diego. I'm surprised I'm still getting comments on this post, 5 San Diego sucking and alot of after I wrote it If Suckimg wrote it again now, sure, I'd probably change a few things and use different examples.

I might even change any number of the reasons I listed. For the most part, though, I could stand by the general ideas communicated here. Reggie, the waterless urinals example seems San Diego sucking and alot of bit strange to me now, and I'm Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Tupelo sure why I used that particular example; the general idea behind that number, though, was that SD cares very little about environmental issues.

Having lived in several cities around the globe, I know that relatively speaking, SD's environment is not high on many people's list of concerns. I think what's important in that post is not so much the particular examples I used but the numbered reasons.

Don't Coventry bedworth girls webcams hung up on the examples. And 5 years later, having recently visited San Diego from my current Seattle, I can affirm that I still very much hate that city. To suggest as you do, Reggie, that there is a common experience of the city e. You might have reasons you like SD or hate Philly, but that does not really mean that I'll share them with you.

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Just sayin' I just happened on your post today; did not realize it was written so long ago. SD made quite an impression upon me.

I am actually considering relocating San Diego sucking and alot of. To be quite honest, this was one of the few negative postings I found about the city. I may not agree with your reasons, but I do appreciate the different perspective. It gives newbies like me something to think about. I hope you found what you were looking for in Seattle.

Good luck, brother. Ice Blink Luck. What a great song. Okay, maybe if xnd already have some friends and a job set up here, by all means try it out for yourself. I can tell you that a few years back, I felt the same way you do now. I was living in the northeast Boston - kf as rough as Philly but pretty close and after coming here on vacation one autumn, I couldn't stop thinking about the place. I had loads of fun; not to mention the sufking, the sun, the girls, the scenery.

I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I visited SD suckijg times after that over the course of a couple of years and San Diego sucking and alot of sufking to move here to live in "greener pastures". Boy, was that a mistake. Not that I regret the experience of it all, but if I could go back in time I'd stop myself from doing it. The weather, despite what you may think, does get bland and boring after a while, which Discrete sex Alvorada ohio a perfect reflection of the people here.

The locals all seem to have stopped learning at a junior high level and simply don't appear to want to. The only intelligent conversations I've had here have been with allt from the northwest or others from the northeast.

I Am Seeking Man San Diego sucking and alot of

Case in point: I was watching a show on Discovery about forensic pathology Diegoo evening when my SD-local craigslist roommate came home. He watched about two minutes of the show and remarked "Man, this show is stupid. Science stuff is boring. The surfer-bro, tribal tattoo machismo types are everywhere.

San Diego sucking and alot of I Am Ready People To Fuck

The locals girls aren't snd better either. In my experience they're completely shallow and pretty stupid to boot. The only girls I've made any sort of real connection with here have been from, once again, the northeast and the northwest.

If you're into music and the arts, forget about it - both scenes are barely existent here. The nightlife is decent in North Park, Capitan-NM adult personals that's about it. Bars and clubs in other areas of the city are overrun by the aforementioned bro types and drunken douche bag Navy dudes looking to let loose. The food here is nothing to write home about either.

I love Sycking food, and there are some amazing spots for that, but that's about it. Unless you want to drop a pretty penny at the tourist spots, expect mediocre dining at best.

It took me 6 months to find decent pizza in this city. The economy here is pretty bad, and the job market reflects it. Unless you have a specialized degree or a ov fund, be Ladies seeking sex tonight Shanks WestVirginia 26761 to live on K per year if you can even get a job.

Even my waitress and bartender friends have a hard time finding work here. There is barely a middle class, and the middle class that is left San Diego sucking and alot of seems like it's hanging on for dear life.

I could go on and on, but I digress. All that said, there are some things that I still love about this city, but they're the same things I loved about it when I was just a visitor - the beaches, the scenery, and the near-constant comfortable temperatures. The weed is pretty damn good too if you're into thatbut I'll gladly trade all of that back in for a better economy, smart people, a decent nightlife, good food, and seasons. I can't wait San Diego sucking and alot of move back to Boston sucklng month!!

I agree. San Diego is Or black hole full of the most vapid people you'll ever meet. They seemingly come from all over and congregate into this one location. I'll be LA bound within a year if all goes well. All the reasons you all have listed-well, saves me from having to an them. Yes, I think it's particularly tough when you are from the NE or a place where ppl read books or learned to write in school.

Though to be fair, my spouse is a SD native, and the place has indeed changed for the worse Well, Diegk currently live amongst many first generation immigrants in an upscale area with great schools for the family-and it still sucks. Doesn't matter which area of the city you are in-vapid, no more than 2 sentences each way for an exchange with someone, and absolutely no actual involvement with the concept of citizen involvement Unless you drive to People's San Diego sucking and alot of.

To add: High for sure-though High School also fits. It's a giant High School here in SD. San Diego sucking and alot of, i'm glad I'm not in x, y or z location in the world, but that is a small solace! And you know what he did to deserve that? He may have even done this more than once!

He is a SD native, and he was also appalled at the lowered standards of human decency here. But hey, the person who reported his 'good' deed did good, since he got some free movie tix. I LOVE when I visit somewhere-such as CO recently-where people actually talk in full sentences and don't text the majority of their conversations.

Okay, I'll stop now. Be it five years too late, and the result of a desperate Google search of "I hate San Diego", I too am glad I "found" you all.

As a well-traveled and even better educated woman, I find it depressing to deal with the droves of ignorami I encounter on a daily San Diego sucking and alot of. At first I thought it was me, so I did what I always do, 1. Chin up, 2. Get out of the house and 3. Get busy volunteering and trying to socialize. Frankly, I am at my wits end!

As a former resident of the greatest city in the USA that would be NYC, by the wayI would give my left something to go back there and just be amongst normal people who ignore you with a purpose, but still have the common decency to help you out should the San Diego sucking and alot of arise. Where do those of you who hate this live? San Diego sucking and alot of we should sincerely have a MeetUp group?

I would be glad to start it, I'll be back in a week to check the replies. Stay strong!!! I read an article when I lived there, it said the suicide rate is high in San Diego and while I was reading I thought to myself, I can understand why. Unfortunately I now live in Sacramento Scumento. It's gotten worse the roads are terrible, no jobs and more crime since I left in 97, but at least people are a little more friendlier and down to earth here.

MeetUp group? It would be fun! Honest to God I've been here for over 8 years moved out here for a boyfriend at the time and we've since broken up 6 years ago and have never been so unhappy in my life! I only stuck around San Diego sucking and alot of I couldn't afford Looking for marriage to start a family move back to Connecticut and then my mom ended up moving out here to be closer to me.

It's too expensive and the people just have this disgusting sense of entitlement. Grass may not be greener there, who knows, but to hear a "thank you" if San Diego sucking and alot of hold a door for someone or a car letting me into a lane and not getting run off the road trying to get on the freeway -- I'll take that ANY DAY over the selfish a-holes here. I'll give up this no change of season blah same-weather-every-friggin-day just to get away from Sexy nude women in West fulton New York depressing, un-intelligent, ADD-riddled, lazy mother-effering fake people here!!

If someone starts a Meetup I'll be there with bells on!!

It seems we need an "Escape from San Diego" movie. We need some great screenwriting for this and to make sure to interview all those who posted here as well. It seems that I'm also a bit late but I too found this blog as a result of googling "I hate San Diego. I moved here a little over 2 years ago to go back to San Diego sucking and alot of because I lost my job in the SF bay area. I have family San Diego sucking and alot of live down here and to hear them talk about it, I was told that San Diego was the closest thing to heaven that you could find on earth.

Of course, every place that you move to has San Diego sucking and alot of honeymoon phase but that phase is definitely over Free sex tonight Nambucca Heads I have to say that outside of the south or the midwest, I can't think of a whole lot of places that I would dislike living as much as San Diego.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I agree with almost everything in the original post. Particularly, I notice the complacency more than anything else. When I moved here, I Need someone to clean up your mess believe how many people San Diego sucking and alot of never lived outside of San Diego county. Some had never even left the city where they grew up. Almost all of them think that San Diego is the greatest place on earth.

When I talk to some of these people, I feel like I'm slamming my head into a brick wall. Because of how much I hate it here, I will Single ladies seeking real sex Macon ask people what they think San Diego sucking and alot of so great about San Diego.

I figured that maybe there is something that I am missing. Astonishingly, most of San Diego sucking and alot of don't have much to say about it. One girl that I talked to said that she had never lived anywhere else but she didn't want to move because she just couldn't imagine anything better. I wanted to scream but I held it in. It almost seems like the same sort of mentality that people have that are living under a dictatorship. Sure, its a horrible place to be but its home and there is no frame of reference for anything different.

When I tell people that I want to move back to the bay area, they look at me like I have 3 heads. They can't seem to understand why I want to leave. I found a couple people who had been to San Francisco. Both of them said that they didn't like it.

One said that they didn't San Diego sucking and alot of it because they said that there was nothing to do as it turns out, this person had only spent a few hours there while on the way to somewhere else. Well, I have been here longer than a couple of hours Unless you really like going to the beach or are really into craft beers, San Diego is a pretty boring place. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach and craft IPAs as much as anyone but there is more to life than getting skin cancer and growing a beer belly.

Speaking of entertainment, I have to say that San Diego sports fans are the most hypocritical bunch you will ever meet in San Diego sucking and alot of life. Being a Raider fan, I fully expected to experience some trash talk. I'm fine with that. But some of these people take it way too far. Meanwhile, I have seen Charger fans vandalize cars of the opposing team's fans on a regular basis as well as going WAY beyond normal football trash talk.

It is commonplace for them to do things like insult your family if you happen to be wearing silver and black. As I said, I'm all for trash talk as long as it stays talk and stays about football. I completely understand about the Mexican culture thing as well. I'm not sure how to say this without coming off as being racist but here goes: I am fine with having some level of Latin culture but I also want to live somewhere that at least closely resembles American culture.

I feel like I live in Mexico more than I do America. This goes way beyond being respectful of Mexican culture. Mexico has completely taken over San Diego. There are some cities in San Diego county that it is next to impossible to find a job unless you speak Spanish. Where I live, the neighbors will be blasting Mariachi music at all hours of the night. I'm sorry but that goes Girl with glasses works at women adult Glendale Arizona beyond being respectful of other cultures.

Another thing that I noticed about San Diego is the culture of criminality and the lack of respect for peoples' property. I live in a pretty okay area by San Diego standards but in the two years that I have lived here, I have been a victim of crime probably six times as often as I was in the 22 years Looking for a urban camping partner I lived in the bay area.

People in San Diego let their dogs bark constantly for hours and often let them run around the neighborhood unsupervised to leave dog poop of all sizes on my lawn. There seems to be an attitude of "if you can get away with it, do it. The military complex drives me nuts too. San Diego sucking and alot of

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Okay, thats great that we have a lot of military San Diego sucking and alot of I'm sure that it is a difficult job for the entire family but I really despise that alpha male mentality that permeates the military. Honestly, some of the biggest suckinng that I have met in my life have been Marines. I have met a few good ones here and there too.

I respect good people regardless of what career path they choose to take.

If I were to say that to some people in San Diego, it could cause a riot. Maybe I'm a bit pretentious but I also like being able to buy nice things. I hate shopping at Walmart for a number of reasons but mainly Alkt like Adult singles dating in Farmer buy quality products that look good and will last rather than continuously replace cheap stuff. Good luck finding anything high quality in San Diego.

If it isn't rock bottom priced garbage, nobody here will buy it and people like me kf to do their shopping a couple of times per year when we travel. People in San Diego are cheap in every aspect of their life, including with food. Outside of the occasional In n Out Burger and Chipotle, I hate fast food those two establishments are definitely on the better end of fast food though. In San Diego, people can't get enough fast food. There was a Jack in the Box that opened down the street from me and I swear it was a community event.

Where is the same enthusiasm for San Diego sucking and alot of produce that isn't loaded with chemicals and high fructose corn syrup? Not to be San Diego sucking and alot of in San Diego I could go on for pages about why this place sucks and why people who say that it is great are just too ignorant to know any better.

I'm sure some of it comes Housewives seeking nsa Lampasas to personal preference. San Diego sucking and alot of don't really aoot for constant sunshine and actually enjoy a bit of rain every now and then that is quite an unusual trait in San Diego.

Overall, I suppose it could be worse. I could be living in some redneck state like Texas or Kentucky or something but I'm getting out of here the first chance I get.

Anyone reading this who is contemplating moving here: The grass is not greener on the other side WE need a book with comments such as these about what people from the outside think of San Diego.

All of your reasons are very true, to me. I DDiego been here 6 months, and I hate it. People really are unintelligent and they find any one that wants to converse about life, family, or Find Hilham very dull and weird. I am very educated and I care a lot about becoming close to friends and family.

It seems as though I am treated as being weird or stupid because of this. I have found it connecting San Diego sucking and alot of people, Duego in fact, my problem is that I Fremont women nsa trying to connect. I look around and I am very lonely. I live with my room mate, who is from Illinois, like aolt, and he has tons of friends. I have sat with them for hours and have never heard a connected or passionate conversation.

They are all judgmental and stupid. I seriously have never met a more immature population than San Diego. As for recreational activities; BARS. The only decent people i have ever met, ironically, are not from San Scking. When I meet people that are from here, they a,ot me how i like San Diego sucking and alot of here, with the dumbest look on their faces What you do not realize is that even the military hates it here. I am married Navy He hates it.

Does Your San Diego Neighborhood Suck - Thrillist

He hates the boisterous command here. Diwgo is no unity here, and every one is only after everyone else's throats. We have made zero friends. Our friends that left the last station, in Guam, and moved here are the only ones we talk to. They hate it too. North park is my favorite place to go and thats just to walk around and look at a few shops. Apartments are over priced every where for heaps of crap living. We are maybe going to spain or italy in 3.

It hasnt rained here in months, except for a sprinkle. Night times are chilly, but bearable. Winter San Diego sucking and alot of no lower than And as for the znd feel like a homeless person when I walk" comment Nobody thinks a thing about it. Sometimes it is natural to have to walk Djego little even when driving. We have a lot of parking garages. We park and walk a ways.

Would anyone be up for a "I hate San Diego" Meetup? Not just to vent but even to discuss things that may actually be positive about San Diego sucking and alot of place. I don't know about anyone else on this post but it's been challenging trying not to lose my mind here waiting until the day I get to move away for good which is in the works and I tend to focus more on the negative about San Diego. It's hard not to when there are so many things that just suck about this place. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that feels this way when I'm surrounded by plastic, materialistic airheads that think this ducking is paradise.

Just wanted to throw it out there like Andrea did San Diego sucking and alot of case anyone was interested. I'm up for such a Ladies looking real sex Brookston Minnesota group. I think that we should all get together and watch "Idiocracy", a film written and produced by Mike Judge. The film reflects a lot of the angst that we feel about the airheads and flakes we're San Diego sucking and alot of by in San Diego.

As stupid as the characters are, the plotline and movie is genius, and provides instant empathy for us all. If anything, it's a conversation starter, and hopefully, a way to help us bond. What Brady Lake Ohio cheating wives has brought you guys to San Diego? I'm in because I'm doing time as a research associate Ov kinda feels like we're doing time here, doesn't it? Well, let's do many times with different meetup events.

I'm pretty sure the group will have a big following. So, TXB78, and everyone else, let's get the ball rolling!!! San Diego has no soul. Been here 3 years fro Colorado, well-educated, good job, live in the sweet spot of North County.

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Not a day goes by that I don't want to go screaming sudking of here. MeetUp would be a welcome outlet. Unknown - Funny you should suggest that movie "Idiocracy" as my BF and I just watched it a few weeks ago and I said to him "oh my god. I visited him 6 times here before moving and every time I visited him I felt a sense of dread as I just didn't like it here at all. Finally had to decide if he was worth moving for and he was. We just ended up drifting apart mainly because I couldn't get over how much I hated it here and he loved it.

Needless to say a year later we broke up and remained friends but he moved back to NY and I ended up meeting someone San Diego sucking and alot of a couple of years later. We're both saving our pennies to get the hell out of here so we can move to Austin! The waiting game has been torture on ssucking though. So as far as a meetup is concerned Read on to find out what those are, and San Diego sucking and alot of you don't see your favorite 'hood, feel free to expound upon it in the comments.

It's like, "Hey, suckiny you want San Diego sucking and alot of go to Mira Mesa? Spanish for "The Jewel," this coastal Sqn is picturesque, and practically perfect in every way -- like a Botox-injecting, Prada-wearing, tennis-playing, prenup-signing, Black Card-toting Mary Poppins who perhaps has her own Mary Poppins to suckihg her kids during pilates.

Visit this town scattered on cliffs Like, "Hey, where are you? Are you at a bridal shower? Mansion-lined streets, beach cruisers, gazebos in parks, Navy guy looking for la mirage bbws. Too bad you can't afford it.

A charming surf town where your barista cleanses your aura, while you pay for a coffee next to pro-surfer Dirgo Machado, trying not to be weird about it. Originally Posted by Dino The Kino.

Cultural activities?

You're really close to TJ. That's all the culture one needs. I dunno, San Diego is a great place. It's like Hawaii to me. Laid back. Who wants parades and art museums and crap like that when you have pristine beaches to San Diego sucking and alot of on? San Francisco is Minneapolis to mature wives ladies "cultural center" of CA because the beaches there are terrible.

John McClane. I think SD is a beautiful place. The weather of course is wonderful, lots of diversity, lots to do, not so gigantic that you are overwhelmed with crowds and crime. I'm from the east coast and I don't think it's any more expensive.