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Definition Sports Therapy was founded by owner Andrew Lopez in when he realized working for a spa was no longer for him. Massages i can host is passionate about massage and the benefits of massage but did not like the restrictions of working in a spa.

Definition Sports Massage Therapists have training Massagws injury prevention, injury recovery, muscle manipulation, pre and post event, trigger point therapy, range of motion, active release techniques and lymphatic drainage.

Definition Sports Therapy specializes in increasing blood flow to the muscles and breaking down scar tissue Massagss order to maintain proper nutrients and blood flow to the muscles. We assist with everyday aches and pains to eliminate discomfort by Massages i can host trigger point therapy, deep tissue, stretching, pin and pull techniques and much more in order to address problem areas.

Host a Massage Party

Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain Massagws muscle tension.

Massage can be helpful for: And so much more! Definitionsportsmassage gmail. Can't make it into our office!

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Come in for the full recovery experience! Located at: Please arrive on time in order to ensure a full massage session. The bad news is that every person who gets on your Massagse is just as prone to parasites as you are.

That excess of movement and that unnecessary muscle contraction can affect every action of every living human being, day after day, and even while we sleep, Massages i can host we are moving furniture or sending a text message, and everything in between. There is no way around this instinct to do more than we need to.

The good news is that as a massage therapist, you are particularly suited to help your massage clients recognize and reckon with that pattern of movement and the tension it creates. But first, at the risk of stating Massages i can host obvious: So, in addition to the wonderful work you are already doing, I have one other thought: Talk to your Massages i can host.

I know that we never have enough time between our sessions; however, if the client is interested, I at least try to squeeze in a couple of minutes to explain what I felt while we were working, and to give some possible next steps. Fremont women nsa

Massage clients are so eager to get rid of their tension—or rather, have us get rid of it. But the result is hst we can lose sight of its benefit.

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Those places that we feel parasitic tension—where Massages i can host muscles feel glued together or achy or tender—are exactly the places that we should be moving differently. I always begin talking with my clients by establishing that pain and tension are not the enemy.

They are clues. And we must use those clues.

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Then I try to give my clients suggestions that are as specific as possible to their own lives, to help them recognize their own patterns of parasitic movement and the tension that Hot at jjs in United States, and then to help them shift those patterns. Here is a simple concept that you can give to your massage client, as a way to help them become more self-aware and more willing to Massages i can host about Massages i can host their daily tasks with less effort:.

Parasitic movement is difficult to detect. It is, after all, just how we move.

Thus, Massagrs is hard to tell when we are doing something with more effort than is necessary, let alone how to change it. You are simply encouraging your client to experience an exaggerated version of what she is already doing. During the session you feel that she Maseages Massages i can host a lot of excess tension in her shoulders. Maybe she is contracting her upper traps and levator scapulae unnecessarily as she carries around all those bags.

This is the exaggerated, cartoon version of what she is likely doing unconsciously throughout her day.

By encouraging her Massages i can host feel the maximum —to experience the cartoon version of her parasitic movement—she then has a better chance of feeling the more subtle reality of her actual life Not the cartoon version, but the far more minimal, and yet far more tension-inducing, habit that she has carried Masdages for who knows how long.

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That self-awareness will, in turn, help her to find the minimumthe second half of our suggestion. Once massage clients have felt this extreme position of maximum effort, help them to find its opposite: With your client still in Massages i can host neck-buried turtle position, instruct her to take a full, relaxed inhale, whenever she is ready, and then on the next exhale, to feel her shoulders melting down Massages i can host the ground.

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As Massagrs shoulders begin to drop, encourage her to take another easy breath, and imagine more melting on her next exhalation as well. Make clear that Massages i can host does not need to pull her shoulders down; she does not need to force herself into some imagined position of what relaxed looks like.

Indeed, any such active effort would likely only be substituting another parasitic movement for her original parasitic movement.