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When you buy a phone or a car, you do your research to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. When it youuj to indulging yourself, however, you might not do the same diligence. Imagine this: You want to use a small portion of it to pamper yourself a bit.

How to find out how much time you spend in iPhone & iPad apps

What should you spend your money on? A nice dinner out?

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A new gadget? Maybe you want to spend money on an experience like some studies keep telling you to do.

Those are all good ideas, but spending money to improve the things you do every day can have the most long-term impact. Take your bed, for example.

You hopefully spend about eight hours there every night. Spene a financial perspective, splurging where you spend the bulk of your time saves more money than buying things that seem the most fun. Now, a video game should be more fun than a chair, no matter how nice the chair or how dull the game.

So, the game must be the better indulgence, right? I played the game about a dozen times — sometimes alone, sometimes with friends — for around one to two hours at a time.

Call it 20 hours total. Over a mere three months, that would add up to hours in the chair. In order to get that same cost-effectiveness from Super Mario Party, I would have to play it for over hours.

Looking Real Sex Looking to spend time with youuu

If you spend less than an hour a day at your computer desk at home, but have sunk a few hundred hours into a notoriously immersive open-world video gamethen it might make more sense to buy the game. Wife wants sex Captiva might even justify buying the game multiple times.

Math is all well and good in principle, but how do you make this work in practice? The first step is to find the areas of your life where you spend your time. Looking to spend time with youuu from the U.

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Department of Labor offer some useful, if somewhat obvious hints on where to start. According to the data, Americans spend most of their time in three key areas: Work takes up an average of eight and a half to nine Loking Looking to spend time with youuu day, sleep just under eight hours, and leisure or sports activities a comparatively meager three hours per day.

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The next biggest chunk of your time is sleep. Getting a really good mattress can be expensive, but even a comfortable pillow can help you get Looking to spend time with youuu restful sleep at night, and wake up with less of a pain in the neck.

From that perspective, either option is cost-effective, so yuuu can choose either one based on whatever you like best.

You do it because it makes it easier to make food. Which, as it happens, is something you have to do.

Lookign you spend three hours a night playing games or watching TV, but only spend an hour or two a week vacuuming your house. However, if you spend money on a robot vacuumthen you can reduce the amount of time that you spend vacuuming to almost zero.

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If you can save yourself some time out of your day, that might be more important than optimizing your price-per-hour number. No single factor should decide how you spend your money, but putting your money where you spend your time can help give you some valuable perspective.

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How to Work From Home. Find out where you spend the most time Math is all well and good in principle, wlth how do you make this work in practice? Want to Be Happy? Open in the app.