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So you want a new job?

e.g. It's going to rain this afternoon (NOT It's raining this afternoon). 4. Present Simple. e.g. Dr Jones will be giving the same talk in room at next Thursday. NB. . I (have) a look at the roof; it's leaking and I think a tile has slipped. Here we are looking at: in, on, at, during and for. We use in, on and at week: on Monday Days + parts of days: on Tuesday afternoon / on Saturday mornings. I took the oval looking glass from the counter and peered at the reflection. He had good taste. “She was in Saturday around noon.” “Oh Saturday. Yes.

Hold your nose and start applying, right? Absolutely not. A job search is a strategy game of chess that you must play accordingly if you want to win.

To help me stay organized, the last time Looking for thusday around noon approached my personal job search, I made this handy grid to help me stay on track:. Look at the grid in two ways. The top two boxes relate to your actual job description and the work you as a person will be doing.

Job titles mean nothing. What do you like?

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Start your grid with these two questions:. Each of these gives you a clue as to how you might consider approaching your next job search.

Looking for thusday around noon I Seeking Man

I worked alongside sales, marketing, and product teams. Which meant to me that the scope of my possibilities was a lot.

Jobs I looked at and I looked at a lot of jobs included titles like this:. I point this out only to show that job titles mean nothing.

Every organization has a different name for the thing you might want to do. This is often an even harder half of the grid to complete.

You need to be honest with yourself about what you want. It will be hard to narrow it down to only three things.

In fact, when I look at all of the elements that made up my job search process inthis box was the most difficult for me to fill in my grid. But having articulated them all clearly upfront made it so much easier for me to recognize the right Looking for thusday around noon when I did come along.

Equally important however are your deal-breakers. And by the way, just like job titles have no standardization, neither do companies. Back inI was looking at everything from enterprise tech and startups to political campaigns, consulting agencies, and yes, even venture capital.

The upfront effort is worth it. After I went through this thought process inI made a list of people who might be able to point me in the right direction of one or more of these areas.

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I was targeting people who I felt had some analogous characteristic or quality to one of my own workplace strengths. And then I started emailing them one by one to invite them for coffee.

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But before I honed in on the specific job, I wanted to figure out what company, industry, or general role might make the most sense for me. The next period nooh time was a grueling process of crossing things off the list. This is actually the least fun part of Looking for thusday around noon whole process.

At some point throughout it all, in the fall ofI realized I had crossed off just about everyone on my list and had only one thing remaining. I was pretty despairing about having crossed off basically everything else as a viable option and felt a little bit crazy about throwing all of my Looking for thusday around noon in one basket… but guess where I ended up working?

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The 4-Box Job Searching Grid. Nov 13, Start your grid with these two questions: Never miss a story from Hacker Noonwhen you sign up for Medium.

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