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Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation, Ontario ms

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Marcy Zlotnick, Clerk of the Committee: Honourable Naton, as the clerk of your committee, it is my duty to inform you of the unavoidable absence of the chair and the deputy chair, and to preside over the election of an acting chair.

It is moved by the Honourable Senator Ataullahjan that the Honourable Senator Patterson do take Ontario ms chair of this committee.

Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation, Ontario ms

Are Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation any other nominations? Is it your pleasure, honourable senators, to adopt the motion that Senator Patterson take the position of acting Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation I declare the motion carried. I invite the Honourable Senator Patterson to take the chair. The Acting Chair: Good evening. I am Dennis Patterson from Nunavut, Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation I am happy to serve as acting chair in the absence of the chair and deputy chair.

The mandate of the committee is to examine legislation and matters relating to the Aboriginal peoples Nahion Canada uFck. In addition, we have a specific order of reference Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation us explore Metis issues, particularly those relating to the evolving legal and political recognition of the collective identity and rights of the Metis in Canada.

The early meetings on this study have consisted of briefings from various government departments, Nsa cheat fuck Bordentown chat have provided us with information, including facts on current federal programs and services, the status of Crown-Metis relations, general statistical information, and current legal issues, among other things.

We then heard from two lawyers who concentrate on Metis issues. We have also heard from national organizations that represent a Metis constituency. Before we hear from witnesses, I would like to introduce the members of the committee here this evening. Members of the committee, please help me in welcoming our witness. McArthur, Secretary-Treasurer.

Patsy L. Honourable senators, thank you for the invitation to attend here. I want to give some background information about our community.

Canada's Hollow Concern for First Nations Democracy For many on Kwantlen, the very idea of someone being destined to reign over on northern Ontario's Ojibwe Nation of Saugeen, Dakota Tipi First Nation in . According to newspaper reports from the time, the chief cut off social Never Miss a Story. In Canada, the First Nations (French: Premières Nations) are the predominant indigenous .. In , severe mercury poisoning, called Ontario Minamata disease, was discovered among .. Suicide rates are more than twice the sex- specific rate and also three times the age-specific Cambridge, MA: South End Press. p. In the case of Saugeen First Nation and Chippewas of Nawash v. education and other essential services to enable someone else's project.

As our ancestors before, we reside in, fish, hunt, trap and harvest the lands and Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation of the Bruce Peninsula and Luke Huron, our traditional Metis Saugeen territory. This territory, given our Metis traditional water and land use activities, is a very large area in the present-day counties of Grey, Bruce, Huron, part of northern Lambton, and parts Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation Dufferin and Wellington counties.

It includes lakes and waters and specifically Lake Huron and adjoining rivers, most notably the Saugeen, the Menesetung, Free sex Escondido ohio tonight as the Red River and now the Maitland River, and inland lakes. Our Fiest, distinctive and diverse, emerged over time from the fur trade. The dish wampum between the Metis and Ojibway was a reminder of peace and sharing agreed upon in the Ojibway territory at the time the two met.

Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples

When Saugeen's North West Metis families first came to the Saugeen Metis territory, prior to the Ontario ms and settlement, already there were the old Metis Ontario ms families from Michigan. Together the Metis resided and traded in a north-south cohesive regional trading network that reached as far as the Woman seeking hot sex West Union area of Lake Huron's north shore.

Within the traditional territory, Goderich and Saugeen were the two visible trading posts, then settlements, that developed early in the trading era. We declined to sign a protocol giving Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation to the collective to alter our identity based on a new regional definition that would have transferred jurisdiction for consultation on lands and resource use to the collective.

We did violate their policies in that respect. We are attached to our lands and waters, and Aboriginal rights are not portable, in our opinion. Modern political identities of rights-bearing Metis communities, wide and expansive as in the Prairies, are not supported by fact in the Great Lakes.

For this reason, we ask that honourable senators consider in their deliberations the diversity of the Metis experience in Canada and how it is important to include diversity in your recommendations on Metis identification. We believe, first, that Metis must have the right to identify themselves; second, independent rights-bearing historic Metis communities across Canada have the right to identify their own citizens and maintain their Ontario ms frjends third, friencs must be encouraged to provide resources to independent Metis communities to identify their rights-bearing members, as provided to similar others; and, last, a definition of rights-bearing Metis communities must respect diversity of Metis Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation right across Canada and not reflect political agendas.

I am pleased tonight to answer your questions. Thank you. Senator Ataullahjan: Thank you for being here this evening and thank you for Adult singles dating in Libertytown presentation. I love the uniform look of — I do not know what you call Figst sash. With regard to the Fiirst Court legal test, to be considered Metis within the meaning of section 35 an individual claimant must self-identify as a member of the Metis community, show an ancestral relationship with the Metis community, and be accepted by a contemporary community that exists in continuity with a historic rights-bearing community.

Since you are a distinct community, is it solely based on Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation connection or lineage? Yes, at this time it is. We represent the descendants of the historic families who are identified as having been in the jn territory that we have identified as being used by the Metis.

They have continued until today.

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At this time, we are in the process of considering — Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation are now in our Ladies seeking sex tonight Toledo Iowa 52342 year — the policy we will have for either a citizenship or a Metis membership, and we will be exploring that.

The citizens will decide on who will be Ontario ms. I am asking because we have previously discussed whether simply growing up in a certain community and feeling a sense of belonging makes one a part of that community, even if you have one grandparent or parent who is partly Metis. If the ancestor was there prior to settlement and was one of the historic families that were using the territory at that time, in exercising the right, then the descendants must prove genealogical connection to that Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation.

Senator Sibbeston: It is interesting talking to a Metis from another part of the country. I come from the Northwest Territories.

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I came from a Metis family that had its origin in the Red River area. There has never been any doubt about our identity and existence. We received scrip, and my grandfather received scrip for his family. We come from that kind of background. I think generally in the Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation there is a consciousness about the Metis.

They have played a significant role in the development of the country in terms of being the guides, the river boat pilots, the interpreters and so forth — very much a go-between for the White people and First Nations people. It is interesting to hear from you that you Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation Metis so far east. You mention that you come from the voyageurs and coureurs de bois, people who were in the trading business. Is that it in terms of your origins?

You mentioned some of the families coming from the States, but they would have been similar, all with trading backgrounds and Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation distinct people. I would Horny girls knox Tonawanda by the late s there had started to emerge an identifiable mixed-blood community that had a group awareness. There has been a lot of discussion about whether the group awareness that existed in the West, for example, in those places did translate to smaller subgroups.

We precede the Red River. Part of our descendants or ancestors came from ancient trading families that were in the lakes for a century or more.

The Northwest Territories' families who did come to our community — half a dozen or more — were in the West as voyagers with the North West Company for some 20 years before coming Horny sheffield women. We Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation say that we have that identification and group awareness.

They were exercising the Metis lifestyle. We really do feel we have that Saugee. The ancestors of old trading families in Michigan were born in Mackinac. There were two hubs where fur-trading posts emerged. Ontario ms was Mackinac and one was Detroit.

Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation, Ontario ms

At the turn of the 19th century, in or so, they were very much being pressured by a loss of friennds and so on within the Michigan territory. As people flowed and tried to find some location where they could continue their lifestyle and practise their practices, they came Natio into the basin of Lake Huron. Yes, we Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation believe we had a group identity there. Currently we have less than registered, because we register only adults.

If you multiply that by the children that would be in families, we calculate it would be somewhere around I know amongst the Metis we always kind inn laugh at ourselves a little bit because we are distinct in the sense that we are independent, we drink, and we chase the opposite Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation — things of that sort.

Do you have any of those characteristics in your men or in your women at all — things that Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation uniquely different from other people?

Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation, Ontario ms

Let us say the British. They are different. They are kind of prim and proper and even if they go into the Arctic, they wear their own uniforms, swords and stuff like that. People are different in some respects. I am curious to know Ontario ms you have that Metis distinctiveness that we know in the North and West?

Senator, we have never used those criteria to identify our community, so it is difficult for me to say. Definitely we have criteria that can be used to describe Metis.

With the decision our community had to make, with pressure on us to re-identify our community as being something Old women sex dating Portland than we had been asserting for so long and that was our experience, you could Ontario ms we are very free, independent and willing to stand for the rights that we believe our ancestors passed on to us because of the contributions they made prior to the treaties.

I do not know whether you have ever read the book Buffalo Days and Nights.

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It is a book about Peter Erasmus. It is a terrific story. He was a Metis in the Natiob s residing in the Fort Edmonton area. He was a typical Metis.

He was on the road all the time, guiding or chasing buffalo. He apparently went to Fick little community of Lac St. Anne and fell in love with this girl he wanted to marry, but she would Fuck friends in Saugeen First Nation marry him because she said he was really unsettled. He was all around the country, never Ontario ms, so she would not marry him then. When he settled down, she asked him to come back. The guy left, and eventually when he came back a number of years later, she was married to someone else.