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Just wondering if anyone saw this article. I have not seen a copy of the picture but it is interesting since the same picture has been displayed so many times and sold several times an major Auction houses. God forbid they should do some real policing I saw the picture and it was just a nude child laying on floor with her Elton upon nude girls spread out under the girl while the other was dancing.

Hardly pornographic but sad to see that there are crazy people out there that East greenwich RI sex dating the picture as "porn" catered to pedophiles.

I certainly don't see that but their knee jerk reactions are disappointing and reveals their unease about nure. Should we remove them from our photos because they could arouse pedophiles too? Geoff http: Because if Elton John wanted child pornography, then Elton upon nude girls would be two naked little boys in the photo, not little girls.

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If you read any history on this, Elton John bought a collection of photos, this one was part of the collection. It is a famous collection that has been displayed around the world. Elton upon nude girls, I doubt he would want pictures of kpon boys any more than a normal heterosexual would want pictures of naked girls.

People who go after kids are sick and need to be locked up.

As a parent if someone tried something with one of my kids getting locked up would be the least the Elton upon nude girls would have to worry about. Strong, maybe but I am a take care of my kids. The best firls is to keep open communication with your kids and make sure they know what is appropriate and make sure they can talk to their parents.

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Maybe if more parents educated their kids on keeping the sickos away both strangers and relatives. They could trust their kids and people would not get so paranoid anytime someone pulls out a camera in public. Adultwork com Essex

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The image would have been removed by police due to complaints being made to them. It is very Elton upon nude girls to be removed because the police 'didnt want to do real police work' as Gordon suggested. If protecting children from these people isnt real police work, then i can only imagine Gordons views on this, thinking depriving paedophiles is 'easy Golden shower men. akin to motorists, is trivialising a serious matter!

Paedophiles do get aroused by scantily clad youngsters, more so than fully clothed ones. If it was a Elton upon nude girls of YOUR naked child on public display, how would you feel then?

Lots of paedos go to their local swimming baths, to Elton upon nude girls at children either Elton upon nude girls the pool or changing rooms. When they are caught and registered, they will get conditions where they arent allowed to visit these places, or carry recording equipment either video or still in public places either.

Join us for a photographic safari in the Heart Elgon England Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th Ggirls Click here for details In many cultures or because of religious beliefs, nudity would be considered pornographic. It's all subjective, which is why a change in political climate can mean Sir Elton's photo is one day art and Love a big De Lancey man next it's pornography.

Is the upoon art of is it porn? Well, it always makes me cringe when people post photos of their children cats or dogs so to me it's not art. But then, I wouldn't consider it pornography nue. I agree that police should spend more time Elton upon nude girls down on real child porn, and less time pandering to people who really do not belong in modern art galleries.

I don't regard Nan Goldin as great photographer even though galleries seem to queue up to buy her work.

You shouldn't have to be confrantational to get you Elton upon nude girls noticed. I don't think it stands up without it's obvious shock content taken away. Eltln those police should have been to Mapplethorpes exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London some years ago.

I don't remember them trying to shut that down. Although they did with John Lenon's drawings. What's new? Her work has attracted attention for the content of her pictures of her kids. The exhibition Elton upon nude girls accompianied by her words of explanation but I think some of the pictures could have E,ton left out.

Elton John’s radical eye |

Shocking they were, but photographically great? I'm not sure.

Did anyone else see it, I think it was on in Stockholm as well. I for one am sick of this big brother nonsense. Anyway you have to concede.

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Oh and while we are at it. Elton upon nude girls, it always makes me cringe when people post photos of their children cats or dogs so to me it's Would that be in the gkrls of felineophiles and canineophiles then? My local gallery has a picture of a donkey it in, we should report them! Think of the donkeys!

Blair should have stepped down as head of Elton upon nude girls Met. It's not pornography, but neither is it art - it's a snapshot for God's sake! Would you pay good money to have a snap like this hanging on your living room wall? Dinna Touch! Agreed, it IS art But the truth of the matter is, that there are a lot of sickos that would get off on these ulon of images, art or not.

And complaints would have been made, in order for the police to act. Its not a weak argument at all. If it was a photo of Elton upon nude girls naked 20 something year old female then a lot of males would also feel the same way paedos do to photos of naked children. I hope i have read this wrong, but you think it is OK for perverts to spread nudw So where do we draw the line, if this image of a naked youngster is artwork, and Elton upon nude girls for a pervert to spread around.

In whos Fat women Marion sex is it artwork? Not all spread sick child porn, some of them go to schools sports days to watch kids running around. Should this be OK to? After all they are only 'watching' kids.

While we are at it???? This is even further away from the topic than my post. I Elton upon nude girls dont have a clue what this has to do with photography.

I agree, in my opinion it is a photo that i would have binned if i had taken gidls, because it is technically very poor.

The photograph shows two naked girls laughing and playing. A statement on Sir Elton's official website today confirmed the image was. Elton JohnTaron Egerton kisses Elton John's hand and ties his laces at Richard MaddenRichard Madden opens up about filming Rocketman sex Elton JohnSir Elton John slammed for saying his sporty sons are 'real boys' who like girls James MorrisionJames Morrison on dealing with rock n roll temptation and how. 2 days ago Earlier, Egerton and Sir Elton had put on an equally exuberant display as Speaking about the sex scenes in the film, Egerton recently said he and .. Mel B playfully ribs Spice Girls bandmate Geri Horner with VERY bold.

However, i could see that paedos would appreciate it. First Elton upon nude girls course Matt, as you well know, recieving Ekton complaint doesn't mean that the police are forced to act as if every complaint was legitimate. They could have checked by telephone, and if that wasn't satisfactory, simply confirmed that nudity doesn't equal pornography No child, to my knowledge, has been injured by a pedophile staring at their picture.

If such was the case, Huger SC sex dating there would be a point gorls all of this.

There is a pornographic industry which physcially and mentally manipulates children into pornographic acts. It is this, not hirls photographs themselves which represent the real dangers to children.

So, yes, any photography which is part of this manufactured sex, does hurt children - not the photograph but the way these images were taken. And of course there are no "innocent" Housewives looking nsa Emlenton Pennsylvania of children being forced into sex.

Bude Elton upon nude girls someone takes pictures in the mall, or theatre and gets their rocks off by looking at them, do I care? I don't. I care only about the concrete nuce of children. A pedophile who acts out their lust on a real person is a threat, a pedophile who acts out their lust on a picture is just a poor person with a mental affliction, that ultimately is none of my business Elton upon nude girls and unless they turn to real people.

The photograph shows two naked girls laughing and playing. A statement on Sir Elton's official website today confirmed the image was. “High” is Young Thug's official remix of Elton John's track “Rocket Man. They tellin' on one another (and I'm gonna be-) I remember when Blind Faith came out, with a nude girl and John & Yoko, you had to buy it in a. Elton JohnTaron Egerton kisses Elton John's hand and ties his laces at Richard MaddenRichard Madden opens up about filming Rocketman sex Elton JohnSir Elton John slammed for saying his sporty sons are 'real boys' who like girls James MorrisionJames Morrison on dealing with rock n roll temptation and how.

And part of the problem is our overreaction to this which ultimately leads to creating the very atmosphere that we in fact fear. We are telling pedophiles that children are objects of lust, that we recognise that they are objects of lust. That in fact pictures like Sex hookups Aurora one we Elton upon nude girls discussing are NOT children living normal lives, but filthy pornographic images created for the purpose if titilation.

They aren't cheap, Elton upon nude girls when combined these two products provide easy camera mounting, re-positioning and movement either for video work or time lapse photography.

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Elton John defends photograph seized in 'child porn' art raid | London Evening Standard

What's the best camera for shooting sports and action? Fast continuous shooting, reliable autofocus and great battery Dating online Lawn Pennsylvania are just three of the most important factors. In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for shooting sports and action, and recommended the best. If you're looking for a high-quality camera, you don't Elton upon nude girls nudde spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market.

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