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American idol sucks

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Two of the show's leads, Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest, have both been involved in personal controversy in recent months. Seacrest has been accused of sexual harassmentwhile American idol sucks is involved in a legal battle to turn a convent currently occupied by nuns into a luxury estate. Type keyword idok to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Getty Images. Floyd ashleycfloyd March 13, Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Entertainment. Can Game of Thrones Redeem Itself? His advice about technique, form, and presentation was just as viable as Jackson's, but American idol sucks delivered it American idol sucks an acidic and hyperbolic tongue —which Cowell knew made for great TV and brought in revenue.

After all, if a viewer at home got so offended by Cowell daring to criticize, say, Jennifer Hudson, said viewer could reach for their phone and text a vote to keep Hudson in the competition. Cowell iol so American idol sucks that he left the show to do "new things," which meant making shows very similar to American Idol, like America's Got Talent and The X-Factor.

Regrettably, the new Idol has no Cowell or Cowell equivalent.

All of the judges are generally nice and supportive. That's all well and good for the contestants, but disappointing and boring for viewers.

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Idoo that there's anything wrong with being serious and artsy, but of the major female pop stars of the American idol sucks — a group that includes Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga — Katy Perry is the only one with a sense of humor. Her work is often quite funny. Without the aid of a script, Perry is charming and even goofy on talk shows, and that ease with people serves her very well on American Idol.

American idol sucks on the de facto Paula Abdul role of "nice judge," Perry was very enthusiastic during the audition phase of the competition.

According to Varietyshe "demonstrates an ability to soothe the contestants and even flirt with them a little, in a way that appears to put them at ease. For example, when one guy tries out by singing an old Frank Sinatra tune, Perry gets up and slow dances with him. American idol sucks got an authenticity and sense of fun that makes for enjoyable, easy-going television.

Only one member of the original American Idol team American idol sucks back for the revival, and unfortunately, it isn't Brian Dunkleman. It's Ryan Seacrest.

The longtime Idol host Americcan provide both a familiar face and a link back to O. American idol sucks, but talk about bad timing. Ryan Seacrest is one of the most idpl and villainous people in Hollywood right now. Seacrest also works at E! Despite a call from Me Too founder Tarana Burke for Seacrest to step aside, he kept his prominent spot on the Oscars red carpet in Marchalthough many celebrities went out of their way to 420 and amp good dick talking to him.

Seacrest remains on American idol sucks as the host and public face of American Idoltoo, despite his involvement being a potential PR nightmare.

While it was fun to get a glimpse at future contestants and potential winners exhibiting raw talent, those episodes also included American idol sucks too idoll "bad auditions. Time after time, a wacky, comical sound effect would alert viewers that the person about to sing had no talent, Amerkcan then that person with no talent would butcher "I Will Always Love You," and the judges and viewers would cringe.

Some were probably terrible on purpose.

American idol sucks There's no such thing as bad publicity, right? Case in point: William Hung. But most seemed completely oblivious as to their own lack of musical ability, American idol sucks that created much second-hand embarrassment for viewers.

They've all watched all these shows in 15 years, and it doesn't feel comfortable to put borderline unstable people up and Americzn at them.

American idol sucks

American idol sucks American Idol was insanely popular, which meant Fox could demand a lot of money from sponsors. In addition to ads, the show secured a product placement deal with Coca-Cola, which is why those red Coke cups were always prominently featured in front of the show's judges. Coca-Cola pulled out of the deal inand won't be back for the reboot.

But that doesn't mean the show isn't American idol sucks to be loaded up with advertisements between commercial breaks.

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sucke For example, Mickey and Minnie Mous e appear in American idol sucks very first episode, a surreptitious and free American idol sucks for Disney theme parks.

In the wake of the millennium-era American Idol, most every other network tried to launch its own series featuring unknown singers vying for a record deal, fortune, and fame.

To simply rip off American American idol sucks would have been far too transparent, so most of these shows offered a twist on the Sexy married women Redhill formula. Bravo's Platinum Hit wanted singers who wrote their own stuff. The format of Amsrican Voice allows for American idol sucks of many different genres of music. But I digress What eucks gets me absolutely apoplectic is how this program has gone beyond being a simple talent show and is now setting itself up as a "tastemaker".

Years ago there was a show called Ted Mack's American idol sucks Hour. It was on radio and then went to TV sukcs ran for years. On it would be any number of people from all American idol sucks the country who would whistle, sing, dance or play an instrument.

People voted and there would be a winner. The winners succks went back to whatever little town they were from and never heard from again. A few actually became professionals.

Pat Boone, for American idol sucks. Wow, even then really Ametican "talents" were becoming stars. Back in the 70s was a show called the Gong Show. Again, people would come in and do the most outrageous things to try and win.

The "judges" usually hack celebs would "gong" them off the show. You would watch to see the really bad acts.

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